Author Topic: Amiga PD tosec Question  (Read 3442 times)

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Amiga PD tosec Question
« on: May 26, 2010, 11:37:35 AM »
I've got a question.

In the TOSEC I've seen that Maniacball (1996)(Elzner, P.).adf is there. But it is the Shareware version. Thus I've Hacked / Fixed the two extra released Level sets to work with the Shareware version, as two separate adf's.

 My question is two part.

A) Howd I get this two extra Disks added to the tosec?

B) What would the correct naming be? EG.
Maniacball (1996)(Elzner, P.)(SW)[Magic Levels](h te_lanus).adf \ Maniacball (1996)(Elzner, P.)(SW)[Classic Levels](h te_lanus).adf
Maniacball (1996)(Elzner, P.)(SW)[Magic Levels](f te_lanus).adf \ Maniacball (1996)(Elzner, P.)(SW)[Classic Levels](f te_lanus).adf

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Re: Amiga PD tosec Question
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2010, 10:07:57 PM »
Hi there,

I don't know much about the system so i didn't understood correctly and don't know if the ADFs are just the level sets to be used with an extra adf of the original shareware game, or if these adfs have the shareware game and the extra levels already (in each of them).
This detail is just to comment the (SW) flag, since i don't know if the level packs would be / are shareware or not.

About the rest, AFAIK what you did was hack / crack the level sets to work on a shareware version of the game. IMHO you can use either the cracked, hacked or modified flags, maybe other guys can give you their opinion about that. You may also contact "mai" here or in eab amiga forum about the addition of these images to the dats.

Either way, the h/f flags should be with [] and placed before the more info flag (Magic Levels / Classic Levels):
Code: [Select]
Maniacball (1996)(Elzner, P.)(SW)[h te_lanus][Magic Levels]
... also, if the "Magic Levels" was the label present on the disk, they can be in the media label flag instead, which uses "()" and is the last flag using the "( )" brackets, just before any dump flag or more info flag (those use "[ ]"):
Code: [Select]
Maniacball (1996)(Elzner, P.)(SW)(Magic Levels)[h te_lanus]
Hope this helps a bit more, it's hard to give you an opinion with few knowledge about the software :P