Author Topic: A few Qs about a 100% TOSEC compilation project  (Read 4135 times)

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A few Qs about a 100% TOSEC compilation project
« on: November 12, 2009, 02:09:54 AM »
Hello to all the community.

First of all congratulations on the new CMS+Forum, they both are tidy and clean (I chose also Joomla+SMF on my site :D).

That said, I have some questions about the project. I'm starting a 8TB rom recompilation project (4x2TB HDDs) from scratch, and I would like it to be 100% TOSEC.

I have checked there are currently 4 dats at the downloads section:
2009-07-12 (wip)

Is it needed to download both last sets (2009-07-12 and 2007-03-14) to get a full updated dat? As I see the last wip dat (2009-07-12) only contains the updated sets (I guess, because it's a wip).

And another question. Not trying to sound rude or rushing you, but more or less when will it be, the 2009-07-12 huge work, completed? And how much HDD space will it need, approximately?

I see the previous full dat (2007-03-14) weighs ~1.18TB, but with the new TOSECISO in the last one, I guess it will be quite bigger, but for how much?

Thanks in advance for all your work.

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Re: A few Qs about a 100% TOSEC compilation project
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2009, 01:55:39 PM »
Hi jfromeo,

Welcome here and thanks for your words, the site could be really better but for now it's ok this way :P

I didn't know if i correctly understood your goals but if you just plan to pursuit a full TOSEC collection you should just use the latest datfiles you found there, in downloads section i've added some older ones "for reference", my goal was to also catalog our history and so our releases but i don't have dats for all, i have information for about 15 releases but most of them (the older ones) were done under TIM or TUGID and i don't have dats unfortunately (or the time to waste trying to get them :P)

That said, you should use the latest official release (yes, it is OLD) from 2007-03-14 plus the ISO part WIP (is the only wip currently available).
As you said you will have difficulties getting a "complete" datpack because in the 2007-03-14 release the dats were all merged together so you don't know which ones were renamed in the latest wip, the WIP has ALL the dats belonging to TOSECISO part but you don't know which ones they are easily in the 2007-03-14 one to just delete those and merge it all.

Our work will never be done i suppose because there is always something to correct/add or some "new" weird system, currently we are doing our best to fix a lot of dats and the WIP is growing until we do a new full release (there will be updates to all parts and not only ISO one).

About the size, i don't have any of it, i just like to work with the data and don't have free HDDs so i can only give you "raw sizes" (not zipped) so they aren't real but may give you some idea.
- 2007-03-14 release had 328,399 sets and 1,18TB.
- current wip (the last time i checked - September) is touches the 2,76TB so we more than doubled the size but the number of sets increased just a bit, this is obviously due to ISO progresses with its huge sets.

Anyway the most important thing is not the size of it all but the corrections we are trying to aim now, feel free to ask anything more and thanks for your interest :)

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Re: A few Qs about a 100% TOSEC compilation project
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2009, 06:34:41 PM »
Thanks so much for your time and work PandMonium. Everything is clear now :D