Author Topic: robotsfindskitten 7800 for Atari 7800  (Read 47 times)

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robotsfindskitten 7800 for Atari 7800
« on: August 07, 2022, 02:46:55 PM »
It is a Game released under GNU Public License and latest version available here Have an earlier release, but can't pinpoint the origin anymore. Very likely from the homepage (also noted in the ROM) but the page is down :-(

Code: [Select]
<game name="robotsfindskitten 7800 v6.502.20050619 (2005-06-19)(Mathys, Thomas)(FW)">
<description>robotsfindskitten 7800 v6.502.20050619 (2005-06-19)(Mathys, Thomas)(FW)</description>
<rom name="robotsfindskitten 7800 v6.502.20050619 (2005-06-19)(Mathys, Thomas)(FW).a78" size="32896" crc="c1580bba" md5="3525de942c18269a5ad1a1d0271d3f32" sha1="131035773a422d067ca8d3efcd0a7f9095cd3595"/>
<game name="robotsfindskitten 7800 v0.502 (2004)(Mathys, Thomas)(FW)">
<description>robotsfindskitten 7800 v0.502 (2004)(Mathys, Thomas)(FW)</description>
<rom name="robotsfindskitten 7800 v0.502 (2004)(Mathys, Thomas)(FW).a78" size="32896" crc="72a744c9" md5="d6c91d3a5b7ac58f4d3d974c1611a676" sha1="e9116d29a4c990cddb18753703c91d34b1fe5f87"/>