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Title: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: _-pYRo_- on May 27, 2016, 10:54:42 AM
I recently got a huge GoodGB64 Set and after checking it against all acutal TOSEC Commodore C64 DATs in "TOSEC - DAT Pack - Complete (2304) (TOSEC-v2016-01-03)" I got plenty unrecognized files (aprox 1354).

All files come with a VERSION.INFO file with information about Name, Producer, Year of Release and others...

If You are interested I could upload it somewhere and make the link public in here or to one of you per pm.
Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: Duncan Twain on May 28, 2016, 10:10:20 AM
thanks _-pYRo_-,

could you please upload to and share the link (with key) here?

Many thanks,
Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: _-pYRo_- on May 28, 2016, 11:27:30 AM
Here you go:

<link removed>
Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: TAC on August 19, 2016, 03:40:52 PM
Hey guys, I'm new here and currently beginning to review the archive supplied by pyro. As I understand Duncan is "in charge" of the C64 dats. I'm currently trying to learn how to create dats and use this stuff to practice ;)

As of now I'm doing more or less a dry run without creating the actual xml file (still tinkering with clrmamepro and learning how to use it).
So I'm just renaming the files and take notes of my findings. The following is what I came up with so far. Looking for feedback whether you can use this as input for actual modification of the C64 dats in question (Duncan or moderators).

General notes:
- Analysis of old GB64 files provided by pyro
- The .7z was unpacked by me and zipped again as single files (retaining folder structure and version.nfo), this is my starting point for the following file-by-file analysis
- 11 files are already in TOSEC (of ~1330 total (single-folder re-zip))
- Files in TOSEC went to Demos->T64
- For comparison, files were also checked against current GB64 files (Latif server) (using windiff on unpacked contents)
- some version.nfo files seem to be updated (Latif newer than pyro-set) (this refers to the files analyzed so far)
- Image files not identical to current GB64 will be noted (file-date seems to be fixed at 12/24/1996 for pyro's files)

[Template start]
Source: zipped Gamebase64-file (includes .nfo file + folder structure)
Target: renamed for TOSEC
TOSEC already has (references may be incomplete) (omitting "..\Commodore\C64\" in reference paths)
NOTES (additional remarks if applicable)
[Template end]
Type: GAME
Source: $1,000,000 (16523).zip
Target: $1,000,000 (2003)(Cout)(PD)[aka Who Wants To Be a Millionaire][BASIC].t64
TOSEC->GAMES->PRG->Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (2003)(Cout)[cr Lap Dancers].prg
TOSEC->GAMES->D64->Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (2003)(Cout)[cr Lap Dancers].d64
Type: GAME
Source: ...sein letzter Trick (16236).zip
Target: ...Sein Letzter Trick v1.3 (1987)(Barthel, Olaf - Markt & Technik)(de)[h intro RCS 2100].d64
TOSEC already has (unknown, probably as Original in Diskmags->Commercial->"64'er Software Extra Nr.09: Abenteuer-Spiele - Volume 2" (non-TOSEC name reference from GB64))
NOTES: Release is not a crack (no protection) (as of self-description in RCS 2100 intro)
Type: GAME
Source: 2sgIN1 (16331).zip
Target: 2sgIN1 (19xx)(The Skull)(PD)[BASIC].t64
TOSEC already has (none found)
NOTES: Game rules unknown. Identified as game through source-code and playing ("Game over").
Type: GAME
Source: 3-D Zoom! (54).zip
Target: 3-D Zoom! (1991)(Rejhon, Mark D.)(PD)[BASIC packed].t64
TOSEC->GAMES->D64->3D-Zoom (1996)(Mark D. Rejhon)[cr TBT+FF].d64
+ six other D64-variants [cr|h|a]
TOSEC->GAMES->T64->3D-Zoom (1996)(Mark D. Rejhon)[cr TBT+FFU].t64
+ four other T64-variants [cr|h|a]
NOTES: Misspelling of D64/T64-versions on file. Change "3D-Zoom" to "3-D Zoom!".
Probable wrong year on both too (unless re-released).
Type: GAME
Source: 3D-Beee (16723).zip
Target: 3D-Beee (1984)(Cascade Games).t64
TOSEC already has (none found)
NOTES: Conflicting title in game (pre-title screen: "3-D Beee"; main title screen: "3D-Beee")
Source: Abrakadabra (Preview) (9872).zip
Target: Abrakadabra v0.33 (demo) (2000)(Electric Sheep)(h intro LXT) & Abrakadabra Preview II (demo) (2003)(Electric Sheep - Creators)(h intro ONS).t64
TOSEC already has several D64 and T64 files, see notes below.
NOTES: GameBase64 has a wrong note for this file. The "on-disk/tape" naming is also wrong. "Preview II" is the later version (GB64 wrongly calls it v0.2). Also, files in TOSEC are presumably not cracks, but hacks (prepended intros) and may need re-naming according to the above info. Note that "version II" is not called "version" by the software itself (so all "v2"-naming variants are invalid).
Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: TAC on August 20, 2016, 03:03:22 PM
Next batch:
Type: GAME
Source: Aces Up (103).zip
Target: Aces Up (1994)(Loadstar)[a2][docs].d64
TOSEC already has several D64-versions on file.
NOTES: This version has no crack-intro, but on-disk docs (separate file).
Source: Addition and Subtraction (17722).zip
Target: Addition & Substraction (1984)(Granada Publishing)[BASIC].t64
TOSEC has an Educational entry of the same name but different publisher (also t64).
NOTES: Date 1984 is supported by the publishing date of the book it came from.
Source: Adventure 3 - Haunted Mansion (141).zip
Target: Adventure 3 - Haunted Mansion v1+2+3 (1980)(O'Hare, John)(PD)[BASIC].t64
TOSEC already has a D64 variant (unknown if it contains just one version or more).
NOTES: The first version ist compiled with Blitz! compiler, the other two are plain BASIC.
Type: GAME
Source: African Escape (10760).zip
Target: African Escape (1982)(Robinson, Bruce)[BASIC].t64
TOSEC already has two D64 images (1982 and 1983).
NOTES: Took the date and programmer name that is displayed in the game. 1983 version is substantially different.
Type: GAME
Source: After the War (16238).zip
Target: After the War (1989)(Dinamic Software)(es).t64
TOSEC already has loads of D64 and T64 variants (none marked as Spanish), but two TAP versions are marked as Spanish (along some more English versions there).
Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: TAC on August 22, 2016, 05:41:49 AM
Source: AGCK - Arcade Game Construction Kit (363).zip
Target: can not properly rename this until knowing the original disk layout (disk A to D or 1 to 4; plus disk order after A/1)
TOSEC already has G64-sets on file, where "Side B" may be wrongly named "B".
NOTES: - "Side A" (first G64 image) is not provided in the source zip (probable reason: outdated Gamebase-version with incomplete entry).
       - The game (startup editor, "Side A") can only be started within a NTSC config (used WinVice24 non-SDL).
       - Used current version from Gamebase to test this (this version contains four G64 disks, Windows filenames 0 to 3).
       - Summary analysis is as follows (based on current Gamebase64 set):
       * AGCK0.G64 = Startup Disk, use NTSC, in TOSEC as "Side A" (non-alt), not present in pyro archive
       * AGCK1.G64 = Game Disk "Labyrinth Master", not in TOSEC, present in pryro archive
       * AGCK2.G64 = Game Disk "AGCK Tutorial/Kangarang/Isle Quest", not in TOSEC, present in pyro archive
       * AGCK3.G64 = Game Disk "Musashi/Gergs Adventure/Space Worries", in TOSEC as "Side B" (non-alt), not present in pyro archive
From analyzing this entry I came to the conclusion that it makes no sense to further analyze pyro's set in detail.
It stems from a quite outdated version of GameBase64. What it makes clear is that there are well over 1000 entries of GB64 that are not in TOSEC, and this for a quite long time (maybe more than 2000 by now, as I think the set is from a time where GB64 had about 23.5K entries while the current has 25K+ entries). I'm noting this because I found that fact astonishing. I was originally expecting GB64 entries would be almost 100% in TOSEC, while this sample draws a different picture.

The more "correct" approach would be to do a delta-analyzis using the current GameBase64-version:
- Get GB64 files
- Get current TOSEC C64 dats
- Use a ROM tool of your favour (empty database)
- import the GB64 files
- the leftovers which are not imported are the "true" new delta-set not in TOSEC (with the advantage of having newer version.nfo files in them)
- enter these files into TOSEC
- After finishing that procedure, a check could be done if there are any files left in pyro's archive which are still not recognized (this would mean GB64 dropped these files in between their releases)
Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: Duncan Twain on August 24, 2016, 07:13:07 PM

Welcome aboard! Nice to have more people interested in correcting the C64 set. The GameBase64 set is going to incorporated soon by means of a tool that automatically adds them to the collection. If you want to help it would be nice if you could  have a look at all the 'Infocom', 'EA', 'SubLogic' and 'Epyx' games as there seem to be many errors. I'll contact sg1-charpy as he's currently also working on the games section. If you could post the MD5Hash of the game including the correct name, that would be preferable.

Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: TAC on August 25, 2016, 01:04:22 PM
Hi Duncan, yep I'm willing to help out with renaming. Just give me some specific info where to start and what exactly is mandatory. Technically, I think I am able to create delta-dats for new stuff and editing existing ones should be no problem, too. Also, I recently discovered DatWorkshop Pro, so I may even be able to create fully updated dats (need to test this first).

About the task: Is it post-processing of auto-renamed stuff or should I go through existing TOSEC stuff? I only have fractional access to actual images, so if work is based on GB64 stuff, this would be better because of the relative easy access to their online-db (images). But I think some tasks can be done without having the actual image (like the TNC developer format "Lastname, Firstname").

TheAnonymousCollector (TAC)
Title: Re: Commodore C64 (D64, T64, TAP) - From GooDGB64 Set
Post by: Duncan Twain on August 30, 2016, 08:18:01 PM
hi TAC,

Do you have the complete C64 TOSEC set including actual files? If so, it's easy to search for the mentioned publishers (Infocom, Epyx etc) and verify the files. I'm almost sure that there are many errors in those games.
If you like, I can always find other stuff to rename. I have for instance automatically renamed files that need verifying.

Let me know,