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Title: Amstrad CPC
Post by: VDU on October 02, 2020, 02:33:28 PM

How to contribute ?

TOSEC for Amstrad are very old.
I've time and I take a look for it for myself.

I use Romvault and I notice that there is a lot of miising roms.
Also missplaced, wrong name...

A lot.

I do a lot of corrections, modifications and adds to this TOSEC (ALL).

Is there someone who manage TOSEC for the AMSTRAD CPC ?

If not, I'll be happy to contribute.
I post for TOSEC-PIX about Amstradhebdo.
There is a lot of job to do also for french magazines.

Title: Re: Amstrad CPC
Post by: mictlantecuhtle on October 02, 2020, 02:47:03 PM
Hey, thanks for your interest in contributing! I don't believe anyone is currently actively working on Amstrad CPC - the last person to make any changes was me and that was just to add a few submissions from another contributor.

If you have created updated DAT files with your changes and additions, just post a link to these here (note: please don't post links to any actual files here) and I'll download them and have a look and let you know of any feedback on them. If you need help with creating the DAT files, happy to help out with doing that too.

Look forward to seeing your work!
Title: Re: Amstrad CPC
Post by: VDU on October 04, 2020, 10:45:08 AM
Ok, I prepare that.

I'm ok to work with XML file, but I'm not a programmer, I use Notepad++.
Using Clrmame_pro to build a temporary DAT file.
Copy/paste in the right place with notepad++

For my own purpose I split the Game DSK TOSEC into 5 different files. Files can be merge to create one.
Again, I create a special one, "Amstrad CPC - Magazines - [DSK]", because when I read an old magazine I want to know rapidely if I have the software.
I also post in TOSEC PIX about french issues Amstradhebdo (CPC and PCW).
This TOSEC will be join.

Thx to all the team for all the TOSEC to help me to make order in all my old stuff.

Title: Re: Amstrad CPC
Post by: mictlantecuhtle on October 04, 2020, 02:56:24 PM
That sounds pretty much how I create my files as well, so no problem there - look forward to seeing them.

I don't deal with the PIX stuff but I will mention this to Aral who is in charge of that and see what he would like to do regarding the issues of Amstradhebdo.
Title: Re: Amstrad CPC
Post by: VDU on October 17, 2020, 04:33:29 PM

It take time, but here you can find the files that I work on.

New TOSEC for HFE file (game).

1 game inside "Imperial Mahjong (2016)(CargoSoft)"
Found a lot of error, I correct them and move it if necessary.
Add lot of DSK, Lankhor, MBC....

All seem good.
I join a snapshot of my RomVault.
So you can see I miss some files. I try to found them when I can, but it takes time.

I'm testing a Command Shell Windows to rename files I found (Good Tool name If I'm right).
Use of Clrmamepro for creating the Dat for new entry.

I add a "Blank Disk", this is for my own purpose, you can delete it (OS DSK).
Need to improve that for (Data, CPM, etc...), so this is a work in progress.

I think my process is good to integrate new files, but I need to have them. So I take a tour on internet to found it.
I think I update again the files and share the result here.