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Re: Kryoflux RAW dumps
« Reply #15 on: August 12, 2022, 12:57:25 PM »
Fantastic stuff, thanks for your continued efforts on this. Done a quick review of everything you've produced so far and it's looking great. Some very minor notes about the naming convention:

(1) You've used (UK) in a few places, where the ISO code should really be (GB). I'm aware we probably have this replicated across a few DATs so a good note for me to check all of those.

(2) We have established system flags for the Apple II family (although I don't think the website is up-to-date with those, so another note). For future reference, you can use the lowest-supported model as a general rule, with exceptional cases where software doesn't work on later models:
- (II) [exceptional case where software only works on a base Apple II]
- (II-II+) [exceptional case where software only works on a II or II+ e.g. some Gebelli Software titles are unplayable on IIe and higher]
- (II+) [Apple II+]
- (IIE) [Apple IIe]
- (IIEE) [Apple IIe Enhanced]
- (IIC) [Apple IIc]

(3) In the Apple Lisa - Applications - [A2R] DAT you've included Xenix. By convention this would belong under Operating Systems

(4) Where a person's name is used for the Publisher field e.g. in Balance of the Planet (1990)(Chris Crawford)(Disk 1 of 2)(Disk A), this should be in format (Surname, Forename), so (Crawford, Chris)

(5) In Atari ST - Games - [RAW], you've used a bracket in the more info field [E02431XL(1)] - I believe this causes parser problems and should be avoided, for all it's not explicitly forbidden in the TNC.

(6) For TI-99 4A, "Various" should really be considered deprecated unless there's no other option available. I'm working to split out the remaining old Various DATs, if the same could be done for this that would be really helpful (looks like most of it would live under "Applications" anyway)

So just a few very minor things - really great stuff otherwise and really pleased to have you on board and contributing all this valuable work!