Author Topic: Total Newbie needs guidance... scratching head with this retro stuff  (Read 3348 times)

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Its not bad to admit ignorance if you are wanting to learn right? I had a spectrum and an amiga in the olden days (even though i didnt have a chance to use the amiga much back then).. now i have the cloanto amiga emulator. And im trying to find software for the emulated amiga. i downloaded this TOSEC Release download unzipped it and found a bunch of dat files. some have amiga stuff on it but i dont know what to do with the dat files. Is this software really or some kind of catalog ? i guess most users of these sites are seasoned retro gamers. lol...  I dont want to play games though.. im more interested in some retro productivity software and just to learn a bit on how to do all this stuff.
So to make the questions simple? what are the dat files really?
where on earth can i find a simple guide on how to download software for the amiga
and any good sites?

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Re: Total Newbie needs guidance... scratching head with this retro stuff
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2016, 04:10:13 PM »
Lack of knowledge isn't ignorance (imo ignorance is when actively ignore something) :-D

With that said.
TOSEC is a database of registered software only. In daily speak it can mean both the database and the collection.
The collection (images in shape of software disks/cd's/roms, i.e. ADF and ISO's) itself isn't part of what we distribute, we just catalog and distribute this database. has the TOSEC collection (though somewhat older) on their website.

more specific for your amiga question
They also have some online way of playing Amiga games, though they are not perfect yet. I don't remember the URL atm.

While distributing this is a grayzone, I may believe that is the only place I legally can link to.

Since you've gotten your interest in the Amiga back, I can recommend that you take a look at English Amiga Board forum.

if you lookup Romvault on youtube there are some videos on how to maintain TOSEC database/collection. Clrmame is also a tool you can use for that, I prefer RomVault though.

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