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Title: Roadmap for Tosec dats?
Post by: Kodoichi on April 18, 2010, 12:38:21 PM
Some open source programs have something like roadmaps (can't remember the correct term), where they announce the estimated release date for the next version. So all bug reports need to be in till a defined date if you want to have them fixed, then until one month later the coders fix them and again some days later the new version is released.

Could the same be done with Tosec dats?

Or in other words: when are new dats coming out? ;D
Title: Re: Roadmap for Tosec dats?
Post by: TKaos on April 18, 2010, 01:58:55 PM
Doubt that we will have something like that, all renamers work on it in their freetime and we don't want to force renamers to update something until a specific date.

We already have alot new & updated DATs but I also think doing another release yet isn't needed, there are still some DATs that get checked currently and it would be nice if we have them completely checked before another release.
For example, I would really like to get done with Atari 8bit Applications and then have a release and I guess that mai would also like to finish checking the Amiga DAT first.