Author Topic: How to contribute for a computer like Oric & add a media type from HxC drive  (Read 5730 times)

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Here are my first dats with games, utils, educs, mags tap/dsk files.
May be i have to correct some first name, last name order and i need to correct my header but it seems to be a good start for my first dats. Linked to the small amount of tap files, i'm not sure it's a good idea to separate dsk and tap files. Is it a good idea to keep all the files in a tosec dat ?

Pay attention, there's errors with tosec dat explorer linked to the system info (Oric1/Atmos/Pravetz)
I've also some files with [ o ] and [ u ] flags. It's possible because oric experts from ceo have made a check for tap files and if the programs in the tap have an extension (for example : loader.bas) which is impossible with a real oric we flag [ o ] ; and if the tap file has an lack of bytes in the sync part of the dat or if a part of the software isn't included in the tap file we put [ u ]. So, these flags aren't correct but the tap file can be launched with an emulator sometimes.

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