Author Topic: For the C64 maintener : Commodore C64 - Demos - [T64] (TOSEC-v2010-12-21_CM)  (Read 3376 times)

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Hello there.

I wonder if there is an error on the set : Commodore C64 - Demos - [T64] (TOSEC-v2010-12-21_CM)

I have tracked almost all the files on that set exept one file : Raster Blast 1 (1988)(Triad).prg
I have found the t64 that is on hte same zip but can't fing the prg.
Even extracted one prg from the same demo d64 but it won't match.

As this is the only demo with t64 and prg on hte same zip i guess this is a glitch on the dat ?

from the dat :

game (
   name "Raster Blast 1 (1988)(Triad)"
   description "Raster Blast 1 (1988)(Triad)"
   rom ( name "Raster Blast 1 (1988)(Triad).prg" size 24179 crc 9574ff90 md5 419cac87fe66d43b559689e07acea697 )
   rom ( name "Raster Blast 1 (1988)(Triad).t64" size 24179 crc 39efd61f md5 16bdac31712f8f3f8c860a6468fbed55 )

what do you think ?

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Hi there,

It's a glitch. I'll fix it before the next release. Thanks.