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Title: Amiga ADF updates for Games and Coverdisks
Post by: RoboCop on October 17, 2015, 01:05:28 PM
Hello I am here to report a few adfs that got some bad data. Firstly I remember when I had the actual Amiga Computing Coverdisks near 1992 around 23 years ago that it had a loading delay near Cylinder 50 and realised it had a virus and I had to use Virus Checker v6.28 to fix it. It appears those coverdisks may had been sold with those viruses near that year and Europress was unaware of that. Luckily those viruses can be fixed with that tool to allow that loading delay issue.

Plus I've found the rare Licensed Ware of Black Dawn II as the other Black Dawn II adfs are only ShareWare demos but not licensed registered versions. It appears this rare Licenseware of BD2 works better on Kickstart v3.x Amiga OS. But I don't think I can salvage nor redownload this rare Liceneseware online as looked everywhere - plus that adf is slightly modified as I've saved my campaign/checkpoint on there.

Also I've discovered some bad trainer adfs for Zool and Nicky II. There's nothing major, but the intro logo for this Zool attachment got a gfx corruption. And the Nicky II appears to have bad trainer when activated that will freeze the game ingame.

And another thing, the Sword of Honour game appears to fail when it reached Level 3 in the temple ingame, I don't know if Disk 2 is corrupt but I tried at least 2 versions of Disk 2 of Sword of Honour - only found and exists from the TOSEC RomCentre. But I know that the YouTube World of Longplays channel got a preview of Sword of Honour and that works fine, unless it's using a WHDLoad or SPS file. Anyway I thought you ought to know, if you need my help to investigate more on Amiga emulator disks, let me know.

P.S I cannot seem to attach all the adfs 7zips due to the restriction.
Title: Re: Amiga ADF updates for Games and Coverdisks
Post by: RoboCop on October 18, 2015, 01:27:23 PM
Also I've just found this link including Black Dawn series:

It appears nearly over a dozen adfs are not found in TOSEC database from my RomCentre. Plus it appears the Black_Dawn_2.adf IS the LicenseWare version since my eyes and search got decieved when I got fooled in most emulator sites that mainly only have the ShareWare Demo - which is only found in the Commodore Amiga - Games - Public Domain - [ADF] (TOSEC-v2014-10-24_CM)

Plus the Black Dawn folder appears to have 2 of the Black Dawn I adfs. The first appears to be as Black Dawn (1994)(Campbell, Andrew)(PD) and the second appears to be based from Black Dawn '94 Special Edition from The Assassins #216. However, the only difference is that this version from Grandis contains the similar GFX to the original version, while the Assassins version got a new GFX and SFX - along with harder monsters to eliminate.

As for the Amiga Computing Coverdisks near 1992, Zool and Nicky II bad trainer issues I've reported, I still await your reply.
Title: Re: Amiga ADF updates for Games and Coverdisks
Post by: Crashdisk on October 18, 2015, 04:02:32 PM
Hi RoboCop,

I recommend you to write messages on the TOSEC section of EAB:

For suggestions/corrections/additions at the TOSEC database:

The information you give is too vague to be exploited. Please, always provides what disk you used for tests with the CRC32 file!  Example:

Overkill (1993)(Digisoft)(AGA)(AU)(Disk 1 of 2)[cr DLM][t +4 Flashtro]
...suggestion name and/or description of the problem

See you soon,